Bowling League Manager
© Neil Warland
Recent form is the bowler's average over the last 5 matches they have played.
NameBTBA#Team NameLeague AverageRecent Form
Alan Reed  Senior Stars164.2164.2 -2.8
Alfred Jolliffe  Pickups155.7155.7 0.0
Alison Melville  All In147.3147.3 +4.3
Alun Evans  The Stratys162.5162.5 -5.5
Andy Tuddenham  No Sense of Humour198.2197.8 +2.8
Angela Hewitt  Hilltops130.7130.7 -1.3
Ann Hill  Hillbillies140 bk 
Anne Wood  The Wood 'N' Tops158.3158.3 +4.3
Anthony Still  No Sense of Humour202.4198.6 -17.4
Barry Toms  Flying Pins149 bk161.2 +12.2
Bob Carey  BeeGees133.8133.8 -9.2
Chris Franks  Dodgy Duo134.1134.1 +4.1
Coke Henson  Spare Pair149 bk149.3 +0.3
Dave Henson  Spare Pair153.2152.2 -7.8
Dinah Stratford  The Stratys  
Dot Crocombe  Senior Stars158.4158.4 -4.6
Eve Harris  Dodgy Duo118.9119.5 +7.5
Geoff Hill  Hillbillies192.3194.7 -0.3
George Pearson  BeeGees128.8128.8 -6.3
Jacky Mansey  The JM's143.3143.3 -4.7
Jan Northwood  Encore152.8152.8 -4.2
Janet Edwards  2 Bad 2 Bowl139.8135.9 -11.1
Joan Ward  Encore130.7127.4 -6.6
John Empringham  Spare Pair156 bk172.3 +16.3
John Mansey  The JM's168.8168.8 -5.2
Joseph Jamieson  The Rookies113.9113.9 0.0
Judy Carey  BeeGees101 bk100.5 -0.5
Karen Turner  Ball Busters155.0155.0 +6.0
Keith Stratford  The Stratys139 bk127.3 -11.7
Les Harris  Renegades108.3111.9 -8.1
Lin Keeley  All In136.4136.4 +0.4
Louise Jennings  The Wood 'N' Tops128.4129.9 +0.9
Margaret Firmston  Hilltops122.9120.1 -4.9
Mike Bryant  Pickups166.9166.9 -17.1
Mikey Lines  Flying Pins175.6175.6 -0.4
Nick Stephens  Pickups174.4174.4 -5.6
Patricia Jamieson  The Rookies64.964.9 0.0
Paul Edwards  2 Bad 2 Bowl167.1168.1 +1.1
Peter Robinson  The Sinners154.0152.7 -6.3
Rob Long  Renegades123.1119.5 -11.5
Stella Price  Hillbillies130.4130.4 +6.4
Tina Moseley  Ball Busters130.4130.4 +2.4
Tony Johannsen  The Sinners123.7121.5 -1.5