Bowling League Manager
© Neil Warland
Team Scratch Series
Team NameSeriesWeek
No Sense of Humour141418
No Sense of Humour139026
No Sense of Humour138613
No Sense of Humour13831
No Sense of Humour13509
Mens Scratch Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Anthony Still77118
Geoff Hill76822
Anthony Still7621
Anthony Still74831
Anthony Still73714
Ladies Scratch Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Dot Crocombe5787
Anne Wood57219
Jacky Mansey5549
Anne Wood54621
Dot Crocombe54410
Team HDCP Series
Team NameSeriesWeek
Flying Pins145531
No Sense of Humour14491
Mens HDCP Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Geoff Hill84022
Alun Evans79321
Anthony Still7921
Geoff Hill78628
Geoff Hill78318
Ladies HDCP Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Jacky Mansey7739
Anne Wood75219
Dot Crocombe7497
Chris Franks74823
Janet Edwards7402
Team Scratch Game
Team NameGameWeek
No Sense of Humour55718
No Sense of Humour53433
No Sense of Humour5161
No Sense of Humour5034
No Sense of Humour49212
Mens Scratch Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
Anthony Still3001
Anthony Still30018
Geoff Hill27922
Geoff Hill27924
Anthony Still27931
Ladies Scratch Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
Dot Crocombe2347
Anne Wood22719
Janet Edwards2212
Karen Turner2204
Janet Edwards20825
Team HDCP Game
Team NameGameWeek
No Sense of Humour56618
No Sense of Humour54533
Senior Stars5407
Ball Busters5394
No Sense of Humour5381
Mens HDCP Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
Alun Evans32024
Alun Evans31721
Anthony Still3101
Geoff Hill30322
Geoff Hill3002
Ladies HDCP Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
Karen Turner2974
Janet Edwards2952
Dot Crocombe2917
Anne Wood28719
Janet Edwards28225
  Mens High Average
Bowler's NameAverage
Anthony Still220.6
Andy Tuddenham208.0
Geoff Hill203.9
Alfred Jolliffe189.8
Nick Stephens176.2
Ladies High Average
Bowler's NameAverage
Dot Crocombe161.3
Anne Wood157.7
Jan Northwood157.4
Alison Melville148.0
Jacky Mansey147.9
  Mens Most Improved
Bowler's NameImprovement
Hieu Tran 23.6
Anthony Still 11.6
Geoff Hill 9.9
Alfred Jolliffe 6.8
John Mansey 4.9
Ladies Most Improved
Bowler's NameImprovement
Pat Jamieson 12.0
Alison Melville 6.0
Jacky Mansey 3.9
Dot Crocombe 3.3
Stella Price 2.7