Bowling League Manager
© Neil Warland
Team Scratch Series
Team NameSeriesWeek
No Sense of Humour142820
No Sense of Humour142114
No Sense of Humour13589
No Sense of Humour135310
No Sense of Humour13524
Mens Scratch Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Anthony Still72220
Anthony Still71814
Anthony Still71216
Andy Tuddenham70910
Andy Tuddenham70620
Ladies Scratch Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Jan Northwood5829
Anne Wood54316
Jan Northwood53319
Jan Northwood53217
Dot Crocombe5306
Team HDCP Series
Team NameSeriesWeek
No Sense of Humour152314
No Sense of Humour151220
No Sense of Humour14879
No Sense of Humour146110
Ball Busters14237
Mens HDCP Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Alfred Jolliffe77518
Peter Robinson76815
Anthony Still7679
Andy Tuddenham76614
Nick Stephens76619
Ladies HDCP Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Jan Northwood7659
Anne Wood75316
Lin Keeley74210
Anne Wood73812
Karen Turner73718
Team Scratch Game
Team NameGameWeek
No Sense of Humour52120
No Sense of Humour50114
No Sense of Humour4864
No Sense of Humour4752
No Sense of Humour4759
Mens Scratch Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
Anthony Still28920
Anthony Still26811
Anthony Still26714
Andy Tuddenham2664
Anthony Still26516
Ladies Scratch Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
Jan Northwood21019
Dot Crocombe2036
Jan Northwood2019
Jan Northwood20117
Jan Northwood2002
Team HDCP Game
Team NameGameWeek
No Sense of Humour54920
No Sense of Humour53514
Senior Stars52922
No Sense of Humour5189
Mens HDCP Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
John Empringham29916
Anthony Still29920
Mikey Lines28818
Andy Tuddenham2864
Alfred Jolliffe28618
Ladies HDCP Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
Lin Keeley27810
Chris Franks27618
Tina Moseley27422
Joan Ward27011
Joan Ward27019
  Mens High Average
Bowler's NameAverage
Anthony Still209.9
Andy Tuddenham200.8
Geoff Hill190.7
Alfred Jolliffe182.9
Nick Stephens179.4
Ladies High Average
Bowler's NameAverage
Jan Northwood159.4
Dot Crocombe155.6
Anne Wood154.8
Janet Edwards143.3
Jacky Mansey142.1
  Mens Most Improved
Bowler's NameImprovement
Paul Edwards 4.5
Dave Henson 4.4
Nick Stephens 3.4
John Empringham 2.4
Mike Bryant 0.4
Ladies Most Improved
Bowler's NameImprovement
Pat Jamieson 9.5
Joan Ward 5.6
Lin Keeley 3.4
Judy Carey 3.3
Jan Northwood 2.4