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President's Trophy Competition - 27 June 2019
Thank you very much to the 15 players who turned up on Thursday morning for the end-of-season President's Trophy competition, which was enjoyed by everyone who took part.

Congratulations to the four semi-finalists - Jacky, Bob, Lin and Tony. Commiserations to the two losing semi-finalists Lin and Tony. Congratulations to Jacky Mansey on becoming this season's President's Trophy Champion, and also to Bob Carey the runner-up.

Our sincere thanks go to Peter for organising the schedule for the competition and also to Keith for compiling the scores. The fully-classified results are below. There will also be some photographs in the 'Downloads' section of the web site in due course (as and when they arrive).

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM on 29 August. Have a very good summer holiday! The fully classified results are now published below:-
28/06/19 16:00
President's Trophy Results
Round 1Round 1 TotalsSemi-finalsFinal
BowlerGame 1Game 2Game 3ScratchH/CInc H/CPointsPinsH/CTotalPinsH/CTotalPinsH/CTotal
Jacky Mansey 130147152429207636101646923319869259
Bob Carey150141129420228648111377621312376199
Lin Keeley1351381294022466481011582197
Tony Johannsen1411471294172857021211895213
Keith Stratford1491311374172406579.5
Margaret Firmston1231221143592976569
Alison Melville1351371334052076129
Nick Stephens1271601924791236029
Mikey Lines1661411554621295919
Mike Bryant1561651915121386508.5
Peter Robinson2121401404921836758
Tina Moseley186113923912646558
John Mansey1512341255101356458
Dave Henson1771461124352076428
Alun Evans1801121324241445686
28/06/19 15:46
President's Trophy Competition - 27 June
The end of season President's Trophy competition will be held on 27 June with 14 entries received.
20/06/19 15:21
Congratulations to The JM's - League Champions for 2018-2019
Congratulations to Jacky and John on becoming the League Champions for the 2018-2019 season, in the penultimate week. Very well done!

The race for 2nd and 3rd place was a very close thing with just 2 points separating 3 teams and with No Sense of Humour nor Pickups gaining any points this morning.
20/06/19 15:19
Prize List for 2018-2019
Congratulations to The JM's and all the Prize Winners for 2018-2019.

League Champions - The JM's - 170 pts
Runners-up - No Sense of Humour - 155 pts
3rd place - Pickups - 154 pts.

Team High Scratch Series - Flying Pins - 1140
Team High Handicap Series - Hillbillies - 1550
Team High Scratch Game - The Stratys - 405
Team High Handicap Game - Senior Stars - 540

Ladies High Scratch Series - Dot Crocombe - 578
Ladies High Handicap Series - Jack Mansey - 773
Ladies High Scratch Game - Anne Wood - 227
Ladies High Handicap Game - Karen Turner - 297

Mens High Scratch Series - Anthony Still - 771
Mens High Handicap Series - Alun Evans - 793
Mens High Scratch Game - Geoff Hill - 279
Mens High Handicap Game - Bob Carey - 299

Most Improved Lady - Pat Jamieson - +12 pins
Most Improved Man - Alfred Jolliffe - +7 pins

If you would like a trophy for your prize please let me know before the AGM.
20/06/19 14:57
Registration for Next Season
Registration forms for next season were provided last week and all 18 teams have now registered.

We welcomed two visitors this morning Mel and Sandra Baker who have both registered as League Reserves for next season. They have not registered as a team as Mel and Sandra spend their summers in the UK and their winters in Spain, where they bowl in a league. We look forward to seeing them again when they spend some time here.
13/06/19 15:30
Vacancies for Next Season
There are a number of vacancies for both teams and individuals in the Thursday Morning Fun League which rolls-off every Thursday at 10.00 am.

This handicap league will start the New Season on Thursday 5 September 2019 and the AGM for the New Season will be held at 9:45am for 10.00am in Party Room opposite lanes 13&14 on 29 August 2019.

Vacancies for the new season will be filled on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in joining the league either as a doubles team, with up to four registered players, or as an individual please contact the league secretary Alan Reed:-

any Thursday morning somewhere between lanes 15 to 32

by email to
or by telephone on 0118 9475782 or 07970 166887
to obtain further details.

Full details of the league can also be found on this website.
06/06/19 16:06
AGM for Next Season to be held on Thursday 29 August in the Party Room opposite Lanes 13&14 at 9.45 for 10am
Please note that the AGM for next season will be held at 9.45 for 10am on Thursday 29 August in the Party Room opposite Lanes 13 & 14.

Proposals for consideration at the AGM, which must be seconded, must be put in writing to the league secretary at least two weeks before the AGM. (15 August 2019 at the latest please!).

Proposed nominations for League Officers, for next season, which must be seconded, must also be put in writing to the league secretary, at least two weeks before the AGM. (15 August 2019 at the latest please!).

The agenda for the AGM will be as follows:-
1. Roll Call and Introductions
2. Secretary's Report
3. Treasurer's Report including bowling cost for next season
4. Prize Giving for 2018-2019
5. Election of Officers for 2019-2020 season
6. Number of teams for 2019-2020 season
7. Length of 2019-2020 season
8. Proposals for next season
9. Team/Lane draw for 2019-2020 season
10. Any Other Business
11. Reminders
06/06/19 15:52
Some New Personal Bests
Week 32 - Mikey Lines - 249
Week 24 - Alun Evans - 275
Week 22 - Geoff Hill - 768
Week 22 - Pat Jamieson - 344
Week 21 - Bob Carey - 223
Week 21 - Alfred Jolliffe - 246 680
Week 21 - Alun Evans - 646
Week 19 - Anne Wood - 227
Week 18 - Pat Jamieson - 331
Week 18 - Alison Melville - 192 508
Week 10 - Pat Jamieson - 144
Week 8 - Alfred Jolliffe - 215 599
Week 7 - Dot Crocombe -234.
Week 7 - Angie Hewitt -199.
Week 7 - Barry Toms - 555
Week 2 - Janet Edwards - 221.
06/06/19 15:45
Congratulations again to Anthony!
Congratulations to Anthony on rolling his third 12 in-a-row perfect 300 game in the league (His second this season).

It's the fourth 300 game in the league and Anthony is maintaining the bar extremely high again in Week 18. Very well done!
31/01/19 15:02
Paying for Postponed or Pre-bowled Matches
Please remember that all teams involved in any postponed or pre-bowled match must pay their bowling fees to Keith preferably on the Thursday before the rescheduled match is due to be played or otherwise on the Thursday immediately after the rescheduled match has been played.
06/09/18 15:48