Bowling League Manager
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Matches v Vacancy
If you are due to play Vacancy there will not be any need to play the match but lanes 13&14 will be kept available and you are most welcome to come along for some practice. Those teams affected next few week are:-

Week 7 - 19 Oct - Hilltops.
Half-term 26 Oct.
Week 8 - 2 Nov - All In.
Week 9 - 9 Nov - Spare Pair.
Week 10 - 16 Nov - Flying Pins.
12/10/17 16:15
Some New Personnal Bests
Week 6 - Joseph Jamieson - 153 368
Week 4 - Andy Tuddenham - 725.
Week 4 - Anne Wood - 198 499.
Week 3 - Pat Jamieson - 105.
Week 1 - Karen Turner - 245.
12/10/17 16:13
Postponed or Pre-bowled Matches
Any postponed or pre-bowled matches that I am aware of will appear here:-

Week 8 - 2 Nov - Ball Busters v No Sense of Humour postponed. To be Pre-bowled at 10am on 26 October (Half-term week).

Week 9 - 9 Nov - Ball Busters v The Sinners postponed. To be re-played as an Envelope Match. Ball Busters to start the match on 5 October and The Sinners to complete the match on 9 Nov as scheduled.

Results of recent re-arranged matches will appear here:-
28/09/17 20:41
Current Handicaps
When you have played 9 games your Book Handicap (based on your Book Average from last season) will change to your current handicap
21/09/17 16:26
New Handicaps
Existing bowlers in this league will have an initial handicap based on your last season's book average. When you have played 9 games your handicap will change to your current handicap which will be based on your current average rather than your book average.
New bowlers to this league will have their handicap calculated on their current average.
31/08/17 15:33
Paying for Postponed or Pre-bowled Matches
Please remember that all teams involved in any postponed or pre-bowled match must pay their bowling fees to Keith preferably on the Thursday before the rescheduled match is due to be played or otherwise on the Thursday immediately after the rescheduled match has been played.
26/08/17 10:01