Bowling League Manager
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Christmas Lunch - Next Thursday 14 December 2017
Next Thursday the Christmas lunch will be held at The Puttenham Golf Club and a copy of the proposed menu has been inserted in the 'Downloads' section of the web site.
07/12/17 17:36
Vacancy for An Additional Team
We currently have 19 teams in the league. On 2 February 2018 we will have a vacancy for an additional team. If you know of anyone who would like to join in for the second round please let me know.
07/12/17 17:36
Postponed or Pre-bowled Matches
Any postponed or pre-bowled matches that I am aware of will appear here:-

Week 13 - 7 Dec - The Rookies v Senior Stars postponed. This is being played as an Envelope Match. Senior Stars started the match on 7 Dec, as scheduled, and The Rookies to complete the match by 1 Feb 2018 please!

Week 9 - 9 Nov - Dodgy Duo v The Stratys postponed. This is being re-played as an Envelope Match. The Stratys started the match on 9 Nov, as scheduled, and Dodgy Duo will complete the match on 14 December.

Results of recent re-arranged matches will appear here:-

Week 8 - 2 Nov - Ball Busters (2) v No Sense of Humour (6) was pre-bowled on 26 October.

Week 9 - 9 Nov - Ball Busters (6) v The Sinners (2) was re-played as an Envelope Match which was completed by The Sinners on 9 Nov.

Week 9 - 9 Nov - 2 Bad 2 Bowl (2) v JM's (6) was replayed on Wednesday 22 November.
07/12/17 17:34
Matches v Vacancy
If you are due to play the Vacancy there will not be any need to play the match but lanes 13&14 will be kept available and you are most welcome to come along for some practice. Those teams affected next few week are:-

Week 14 - 14 Dec - Dodgy Duo but completing their envelope match v The Stratys.
Week 15 - 4 Jan 2018 -Renegades.
Week 16 - 11 Jan - No Sense of Humour.
Week 17 - 18 Jan - Hillbillies.
07/12/17 17:34
Some New Personnal Bests
Week 13 - Anne Wood - 224 589.
Week 12 - Andy Tuddenham - 299 738.
Week 11 - Barry Toms - 549.
Week 11 - Pat Jamieson - 119.
Week 8 - John Empringham - 233.
Week 6 - Joseph Jamieson - 153 368.
Week 5 - Lin Keeley - 191.
Week 1 - Karen Turner - 245.
07/12/17 17:34
No Christmas Cards Please!
No, we are not being uncharitable!

Last year, after Dot's suggestion, we decided not to send one another Christmas cards. Instead we put the name of our favourite charity on a slip of paper and put it in our collection box with a donation in lieu of purchasing Christmas cards.

It was suggested at the AGM that we should do it again this year. Last year we sent £190 to Parkinsons UK.

I will put the collection box out next week. Perhaps we can improve on last year?
30/11/17 15:06
Andy Rolls Eleven-in-a-Row!
Congratulations to Andy on his magnificent eleven-in-a-row this morning for a 299 game!
30/11/17 15:06
Paying for Postponed or Pre-bowled Matches
Please remember that all teams involved in any postponed or pre-bowled match must pay their bowling fees to Keith preferably on the Thursday before the rescheduled match is due to be played or otherwise on the Thursday immediately after the rescheduled match has been played.
19/10/17 16:12