Bowling League Manager
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27 September
I will be away on holiday on 27 September and Keith will assist you. Please pay Keith as usual and hand him your completed score sheets.
20/09/18 15:45
Some New Personal Bests
Week 2 - Janet Edwards - 221.
13/09/18 15:50
Congratulations to Anthony
Congratulations to Anthony on rolling his second 12 in-a-row perfect 300 game in the league.

It's the third 300 game in the league and Anthony has set the bar extremely high in Week 1. Very well done!
06/09/18 15:48
Current Handicaps
When you have played 9 games your Book Handicap (based on your Book Average from last season) will change to your current handicap.
06/09/18 15:48
Paying for Postponed or Pre-bowled Matches
Please remember that all teams involved in any postponed or pre-bowled match must pay their bowling fees to Keith preferably on the Thursday before the rescheduled match is due to be played or otherwise on the Thursday immediately after the rescheduled match has been played.
06/09/18 15:48