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19 July 2018 - No Bowling - Update
We have been notified by Spectrum that they have accepted a large booking for 19 July and that there will not be any lanes available for what was to be the final week of the season.

Therefore, we have reluctantly accepted their proposal to postpone the final week of our season from 19 to 26 July.

This means that the combined President's Trophy and Ted Goodrum Tournament will also be postponed one week to 2 August.

Compensation for Spectrum's "mishap" is currently being negotiated, so watch this space. We are now very pleased to confirm that our compensation has been approved and that there will not be any charge for league bowling on 26 July.

I have updated the League Schedule accordingly and Version 3 is now in the "Downloads" section of the web site. I do not propose to reprint 40 copies of the revised schedule just for a one week delay and will attach a copy to the email later. If you cannot print your own copy please let me know and I will print one for you.
23/06/18 14:18
Combined President's Trophy and Ted Goodrum Tournament
Our end of season Tournament will now take place on 2 August.

The President's Trophy tournament will be rolled over 3 games on three pairs of lanes as previous with the four bowlers with the highest points proceeding to the knock-out Semi-finals and the Final.

The Ted Goodrum Memorial Tournament will be held at the same time with the Ted Goodrum Memorial Trophy going to the highest placed 80+ years young bowler who does not win the President's Trophy.

If you wish to enter the combined tournament on 2 August please let Keith have your £8.50 entry fee as soon as possible.
21/06/18 16:15
AGM for Next Season to be held on Thursday 30 August in the Party Room opposite Lanes 13&14 at 10am sharp
Please note that the AGM for next season will be held at 10am sharp on Thursday 30 August in the Party Room opposite Lanes 13 & 14.

Proposals for consideration at the AGM, which must be seconded, must be put in writing to the league secretary at least two weeks before the AGM. (16 August 2018 at the latest please!)

Proposed nominations for League Officers, for next season, which must be seconded, must also be put in writing to the league secretary, at least two weeks before the AGM. (16 August 2018 at the latest please!)

The agenda for the AGM will be as follows:-
1. Roll Call and Introductions
2. Secretary's Report
3. Treasurer's Report including bowling cost for next season
4. Prize Giving for 2017-2018
5. Election of Officers for 2018-2019 season
6. Number of teams for 2018-2019 season
7. Length of 2018-2019 season
8. Proposals for next season
9. Team/Lane draw for 2018-2019 season
10. Any Other Business
11. Reminders
21/06/18 16:15
Matches v Vacancy
If you are due to play the Vacancy there will not be any need to play the match but lanes 13&14 will be kept available and you are most welcome to come along for some practice. Those teams affected over the next few week are, with the new dates:-

Week 35 - 28 June - No Sense of Humour.
Week 36 - 5 July - Hillbillies.
Week 37 - 12 July - BeeGees.
Week 38 - 26 July - 2 Bad 2 Bowl - Final week of schedule.
21/06/18 16:15
Postponed or Pre-bowled Matches
Any postponed or pre-bowled matches that I am aware of will appear here:-

All matches are now up-to-date.

Results of recent re-arranged matches will appear here:-

Week 22 - 8 Mar - The JM's (6) v Hillbillies (2) was replayed on 5 Apr.

Week 25 - 29 March - Wood 'N' Tops (2) v Spare Pair (6) was replayed at 5 April.

Week 23 - 15 Mar - Wood 'N' Tops (7) v Pickups (1) was replayed on 11 April.

Week 25 - 29 March - JM's (2) v BeeGees (6) was played as an Envelope Match, which was started by BeeGees on 29 March and completed by JM's on 25 April.

Week 22 - 8 Mar - Pickups (8) v No Sense of Humour (0) was replayed on 15 May.

Week 28 - 3 May - Wood 'N' Tops (2) v Hilltops (6) was replayed on 22 May.

Week 28 - 3 May - Ball Busters (2) v The Sinners (6) was played as an envelope match - started by The Sinners on 3 May and completed by Ball Busters on 31 May.

Week 31 - 24 May - 2 Bad 2 Bowl (2) v No Sense of Humour (6) was replayed on 31 May.

Week 34 - 21 June - The Sinners (2) v Wood 'N' Tops (6) was pre-bowled on 7 June.
21/06/18 16:14
Some New Personnal Bests
Week 32 - Pat Jamieson - 313.
Week 31 - Jan Northwood - 240.
Week 29 - Pat Jamieson - 131.
Week 26 - Judy Carey - 138.
Week 23 - Angela Hewitt - 514.
Week 22 - Joseph Jamieson - 174 - 426.
Week 19 - Louise Jennings - 190 - 518.
Week 19 - Barry Toms - 551.
Week 13 - Anne Wood - 224 589.
Week 13 - Paul Edwards - 235.
Week 12 - Andy Tuddenham - 299 738.
Week 8 - John Empringham - 233.
Week 5 - Lin Keeley - 191.
Week 1 - Karen Turner - 245.
07/06/18 16:06
Please Help Raise Funds to send Lizzi Jordan to The Center of Vision Restoration in Berlin
Lizzi Jordan is the daughter of Trevor, the Chief Mechanic at Spectrum who maintains the Pinsetters and Lanes, that you use every week.

I have provided all the details below from the just giving web site.

Lizzi needs your help! Please go to:-

"Weʼre raising £15,000 to raise money for future eye treatment (Center of Vision Restoration in Berlin) in addition to buying environment adaptation equipment.

Get Lizzi to Berlin to The Center of Vision Restoration after she suddenly lost her eyesight and fund equipment and activities needed to help improve her quality of life.

Lizzi Jordan, a previously happy, healthy and fit 20 year old suddenly fell poorly with E. Coli 055 in September 2017. Lizzi is a passionate horse lover, rider and University student. The E. Coli then caused a serious, rare blood disorder called Hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS). HUS then caused multi-organ failure including her heart, kidneys and entire respiratory tract. She was in a coma for over 8 weeks in a variety of top London hospitals, and her length of hospitalization was over 3 months. Lizzi is now awake and medically improving, however the HUS has left her with an awful side effect and she awoke from her coma completely blind. She has suspected optic nerve atrophy which currently there is no treatment for in the UK. There is a place in Berlin called 'The Centre of Vision Restoration' which carry out treatment using electrical impulses to try help the optic nerve deliver signals to the brain and we are desperately trying to get Lizzi there to try allow some improvement in her vision. We are trying to do some fundraising so when the time is right finances will not hold us back, allow us to buy environment adaptation equipment (voice assistants, changes in the home etc.) and day to day things/activities to improve her quality of life.

You may have seen a viral video on social media platforms of a horse visiting a hospital - which was to her! :) The support we had from the viewings of the video were incredible and we hope this can further role over to getting Lizzi to Berlin.

We are running numerous fund raising events alongside this JustGiving page, such as a charity ball, auction, local horse competition, raffle and possibly more to be confirmed. Please hold on and keep your eyes peeled if either of these sound appealing for you to get involved with!

I don't think any of us can even begin to comprehend what Lizzi is going through, loosing her vision at just 20 years old after such an ordeal. She is understandably incredibly depressed but lets show her just how many people far and wide are behind her.

If in the event funds were raised surplus to requirements, excess money will be donated directly to The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) as they are an incredible charity.

Thank you everyone for all the love and support, we are eternally grateful.

All our love,
The Jordan Family xx"
22/03/18 15:04
Andy Rolls Eleven-in-a-Row!
Congratulations to Andy on his magnificent eleven-in-a-row this morning for a 299 game!
30/11/17 15:06
Paying for Postponed or Pre-bowled Matches
Please remember that all teams involved in any postponed or pre-bowled match must pay their bowling fees to Keith preferably on the Thursday before the rescheduled match is due to be played or otherwise on the Thursday immediately after the rescheduled match has been played.
19/10/17 16:12